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Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 28

In the news today, I PASSED MY GD TEST!  Oh yeah!  Since there was no way in hell that I was taking that 3 hour test with multiple blood draws, this is a very, very good thing.

I also didn’t make it to IKEA last Wednesday.  SIL and I just didn’t feel like driving to the store.  I’m so lazy during the week.  It would have been good to go and get the dresser though since I had my baby shower on Saturday.  Now I have a room full of stuff and nowhere to put it.  My mom who LOVES to clean and organize has decided that all the baby stuff simply can’t lie around until I get to it so she hung everything up and started organizing it.  She also decided my kitchen floor was dirty and hand scrubbed it.  Meh!  I don’t really care since I was never going to get on my knees to wash it anyways.  Now it’s all nice, sparkly, and clean.

Dre and I start the second part of our baby classes this week.  It’s so exciting because we get to tour the hospital and have discussions about that particular hospital’s ideas on labour and delivery.  I’m sure Dre is less excited than me, but since he’s really obsessed with my belly he gets to come and learn all about breastfeeding and pushing a watermelon out of a donut hole.  I’m sure this will not scar him at all!  Hehe! 

Dre probably kisses my belly more than he kisses me.  The man has a serious obsession with babies!  It’s very cute though.  He’s started playing classical music to the baby at night which is fine with me.  I refuse to play music and put headphones on my belly though.  I don’t want to scare the little guy to death when his nice quiet, floaty environment is invaded by this crazy orchestra music.

Whoa, weight gain!  This week played havoc on my weight.  I started to freak out a little, but I realized that I’ve been constipated.  I’m not someone who tracks whether or not I’ve pooed on a particular day.  Because of that it usually takes me a while to realize that I’m constipated and maybe I should eat something to get me all cleared up.  The problem is that the most effective things for me are green tea or coffee which are things I’m trying not to drink while pregnant.  Green tea because it blocks the absorption of folic acid into your system and caffeine because I think that giving the baby caffeine jolts every day is stressful to his tiny body.  I’ve limited my caffeine to chocolate because there is no way I’m giving up chocolate.  No way!  Want to know how I got rid of Mr. Constipation?  Popcorn!  That’s right, I went to see Breaking Dawn with SIL and I had a huge bag of popcorn.  I’m addicted to movie theatre popcorn…yes, I’m aware that it’s about a million calories and 12 times my daily salt intake, but do you know what else popcorn has?  Fiber!  So next time I’m all stopped up, I’m going to see a movie and eating my body weight in popcorn!

Week 27
Week 28
So my average weight this week is 172.0 lbs.  Yeah, that would be a 2.7 lbs gain in one week!  Lovely!  The baby is either packing on the weight or my poo weighs a lot.  My total weight gain so far is 19 lbs in 28 weeks.  Hopefully, baby boy doesn’t decide to add almost 3 lbs of weight to mommy’s butt every week or I’ll be rolling into the hospital at 40 weeks. 

Heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion like to hang around.  I figure it’s because the baby has started taking up so much space.  I just need to get the hang of eating less at meals and snacking more often.  Easier said than done.

No BH in sight.  Instead I have this weird pain in my pelvis.  Doctor says it’s ligament pain so most likely round ligament pain (RLP).  It hurts a lot more than the ligament pain I had in the 1st trimester.  I still only have one stretch mark and my goal is to make sure he stays an orphan. 

Sciatic pain is there.  Back pain has also flared up.  I think it’s because of how I need to sit at work now to make my belly comfortable.  I still need to remember to stretch every day.  The leg pains seem to have vanished for now so I’m happy. 

I’m really looking forward to visiting my aunt in Vermont on Friday!  Black Friday shopping here I come!  I’ve really missed you over these last 5 years.  Of course, the first year I decide to go to the States for Black Friday Canadian stores decide that they’ll get in on some of the action and start advertising Black Friday deals.  WTF!  Whatever baby stuff is still cheaper in the States since our dollar has been at par for the last year.  I plan on scouring all the baby and maternity stores.  Poor Dre!  I might have to buy him boy toys to reward him for spending a day shopping among the crazy deal hunters.

Baby is the size of an eggplant again according to the ticker I have on the sidebar.  Really!  It’s been 4 freaking weeks and they haven’t figured out what other type of fruit or vegetable could be about the same size so we could have a variety.  Hold on…according to another website baby is the size of a CHINESE CABBAGE!  Yay!  Although I have no idea what that is…

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