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Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 29

The weeks seem to be blending together now.  I’m really glad that they’re going by, but I seem to be focusing a lot more on the fact that I still have 11 weeks left and OMG I am uncomfortable most of the time!

When baby boy flipped to a head down position last Monday, he landed head down in my right hip and pressing on the ligament that goes under the uterus.  SO MUCH PAIN!  Dre likes to tell me unhelpful stuff like, “Move slowly.”  Doesn’t really matter how slow or fast I move since any movement aggravates the ligament and causes me pain.   Thankfully, this weekend baby boy decided that my hip sucked and has shifted over slightly.  It’s amazing to be able to move without pain!  He does flip flop back and forth between digging into my hip and being in a better position.  I’m really hoping that he doesn’t decide he likes my hip too much because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk if he keeps getting bigger and heavier and pressing on that particular spot.

This weekend we went to visit some of my relatives in Vermont which meant we were just in time to participate in some of the awesome Black Friday deals.  I’ll write about all the awesome stuff Dre and I found while we were over there later on.  I just want to mention that we did end up buying a crib.  We got it from a Baby Boutique store so we paid a little more than if we’d bought it from or Baby R Us, but we wanted a particular style of crib for a reasonable price and we needed it to be in stock since we were only in the States for the weekend.  On this side of the border, cribs are consistently at least $200 over the US prices.  Overall, we ended up paying a lot less for that crib than if we’d bought it over here. 

Let’s talk about my weight.  I guess that baby boy is really concentrating on putting on weight because mine has been climbing very steadily in the last few weeks.  I’ve also had a lot of problems with the slow down of my digestive system which means that I tend to be constipated a lot.  I guess I’ll have to start eating prunes or something to keep things regular.

Week 28
Week 29

My average weight this week is 173.3 lbs. which is a 1.3 lb gain over the last week.  My total weight gain so far is 20.3 lbs.  That’s pretty reasonable so I’m happy.  I didn’t have Saturday’s weight in there and next week won’t have Sunday’s weight in there since my aunt does not have a scale at her house.  Overall, it really won’t change anything.

I’ve started taking my Zantac a little more regularly to combat against the heartburn and acid reflux that 90% of food seems to give me.  This weekend I noticed that I really can’t eat as much as I used to.  It seems like I fill up so fast now.  On Friday night shortly after I’d gone to sleep I woke up throwing up in my mouth.  This was not the little acid coming back up which is annoying.  This was so much acid coming back up that I was afraid to get back into bed after I got up to rinse my mouth.  By that time, Dre had woken up and he insisted I take a Zantac.  I also took a Tums.  I couldn’t lie down in bed though.  Every time I lied back I could feel the acid coming back up and being really close to throwing up.  I had to go back to sleep sitting up propped by 3 pillows. I had been sleeping on 2 pillows when this happened.  That was so much fun that on Saturday I took my 2 prescribed Zantac to make sure that it didn’t happen again the next night.

I’ve only had one BH this week.  Like I mentioned above the ligament pain is pretty bad, but right now baby boy is not resting on it so I’m good.  No other stretch marks to report.  My belly button is almost completely flat though!  I’ve thought that I would have an outie by Week 20 since the beginning because my belly button started getting so much shallower so early, but for now it’s still an innie.

Sciatic pain and leg pain have vanished for now. 

I’m really looking forward to setting up the crib and arranging the baby room.  We’re still missing the dresser which we’ll get around Dec. 7th, but apart from that we have almost everything else we need.  The only thing I still need to order is the wall decal for the baby’s room and to do that Dre and I have to figure out the name since most of the decals have the baby’s name on them.  Also, I’m decorating the house for the holidays next weekend which is huge deal for me since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas!

Baby is the size of a squash!  Yay!  He’s getting so big!

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