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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 27

The 3rd Trimester has finally arrived!  Woohoo Week 27!  I’m officially 2/3 of the way done and I really don’t feel prepared most of the time and at the same time I just want it to be February so we can meet the baby boy and I can go back to feeling normal.  Now, I know most pregnancy books and websites claim that the 3rd trimester starts on Week 28, but they obviously can’t count.  Since I don’t plan on being pregnant for 42 weeks, I’ll use math and divide a standard pregnancy (40 weeks) in 3 which gives us 13 weeks and 2 days.  That equals to the 3rd trimester starting on Week 26 and 4 days, but to make our lives easier we’ll just round to Week 27!

I did my glucose test to test for Gestational Diabetes.  Ugh!  So the drink isn’t too bad at first.  It tastes like flat, warm Orange Crush.  The problem is that you’re drinking a whole bottle of the stuff and by the end you’re not thirsty anymore and it’s so sweet that it burns the back of your throat.  You also have to drink it in 5 minutes.  So I waited for an hour and then had a blood draw because in this country they still haven’t caught on the fact that you can test blood sugar levels with a finger prick.  Also, my doctor is test happy and decided that since I was having blood taken that she’d also do a full CBC panel.  That would be 3 large vials of blood and the nurse really hurt me when she put the needle in which sucked.  So what this tells me is that there’s no way in hell that I’m doing the 3 hour test if I fail this one.  They can just treat me as if I have GD because I’m not getting 4 blood draws in a 3 hour period.  Nope!  Not happening! 

I’m going to IKEA on Wednesday and I hope to pick up the dresser for baby boy.  They still don’t have the crib in stock, but I’m hoping that changes when they open the big store in 3 weeks.  At least we’ll have the dresser and we can set that up and start filling it up too.  I need to keep looking for monkey decals, but they’re so expensive on etsy that I’m scared to keep looking. 

Dre also wants us to start packing a hospital bag just in case.  I told him that most people usually do this around 35 weeks, but I guess he wants to be ready.  I don’t even know where to start with the hospital bag.  I know people say clothes and toiletries for you, hubby, and baby.  The problem is that I don’t have any nursing stuff yet which is what I think I’d be packing and I wear my yoga pants so I don’t want to pack them in a bag in and not wear them for the next 13 weeks.  My friend also just told me to make sure to bring wipes to the hospital because they don’t have any.  WTF?  What kind of hospital that delivers babies doesn’t have diapers and wipes on hand.  So weird!  Anyways, I think I’ll try to start packing a bag and add stuff as I think of it.

Week 26
Week 27
My average weight this week is 169.3 lbs which is a .6 lb loss.  That’s right I seem to have lost a little bit of weight.  I didn’t really do anything differently, but all week I was about a pound lighter.  It’s weird, but my weight seems to have bounced back this week.  My total weight gain so far has been 16.3 lbs in 27 weeks.  This seems to be pretty good and I think that I’ll end up gaining around 30 lbs this pregnancy which is totally normal.  This is with eating a lot of extra crap I don’t need.  Yes, I do make sure to eat enough veggies to get all my mineral goals, but I do make cake and cookies and eat them.  Also, I’m not very active since it’s gotten a lot colder outside and it gets dark really early now.  Most of the exercise I get comes in the form of walking around stores while shopping. 

Heartburn and acid reflux come and go, but they have definitely not been as bad for the last week or so.  I’m still having a lot of problem with indigestion and I think that I need to increase my fiber intake to help flush my system out faster.  It’s not that easy to do during the week, but I’ll try anyways. 

I’ve had a couple of BH this week.  Very mild and I think it was just because I wasn’t drinking enough water or I was getting run down.  I still only have one stretch mark, but Dre pointed out brown spots by my nipples to other day.  They’re definitely not stretch marks, but they kind of look like sun spots except that the sun never touches that area of my boobs.  Weird!  I’m hoping that it goes away after baby is born. 

Sciatic nerve pain or whatever it is likes to come and go.  I think this might be a problem until I deliver.  There’s not much that seems to help.  The chiropractor gave me stretches to help it since my back isn’t cooperating when he tries to adjust that side.  They’re a lot like the stretches that my yoga instructor gave me to help with the leg cramps.  Now, I just need to remember to do every day.

I’m really looking forward to my baby shower this Saturday.  When SIL and I picked the date, it seemed so far away and now it’s in 5 days!  Time flies!  I can’t wait to see everyone and I hope they all have a good time.  I know I will because SIL has put an insane amount of thought and time into all the food, planning, games, decoration, and prizes.  I’ll post pictures next week!  So excited!  I can’t wait!

Baby is the size of an eggplant…AGAIN!  I think this is the last eggplant week.  I hope so because I’m starting to get sick of seeing that eggplant on my ticker.  Baby is now about 2 lbs!

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