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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shower Time

I had the best shower on Saturday!
Lots of amazing people showed up and we had tons of fun.  My SIL who hosted the shower put tons of work into making it the best shower ever.  Several people commented about the fact that the shower was very impressive, well planned, and well though out.  They were impressed with how SIL had thought of everything! 

So a huge thank you to my SIL!  (I didn't just put that on there 'cause she reads this though:-)

My mom, brother's girlfriend, and myself all headed to my SIL's house about 30 minutes before the guests were supposed to show up.  SIL thought it would be a good idea for me to be there and greet everyone as they came in.  For showers, I would usually be the last to arrive which is what happened for my wedding shower, but I much preferred doing it this way.  At my wedding shower, I felt like the center of attention and like I didn't have time to talk to everyone for a few minutes.  Since I saw everyone come in, I had the time to take a few minutes with everyone and chat which was really nice. 

I mean I like attention, but I don't necessarily like being the center of attention for a group of 30 women.  That part can be a little daunting.

Anyways...when we arrived I spotted the awesome diaper cake that SIL made for me. 

Diaper Cake
Isn't it gorgeous?  She has lots of talent people!  The best thing is that when SIL asked me what color I wanted for the shower I told her blue and green.  I didn't specify any shades of blue and green or anything.  She found the exact blue and green that I LOVE and even got ribbon with polka dots on them.  AWESOME!  I really wish I could have found crib bedding with these 2 colors for our baby boy, but whenever these 2 colors are combined they tend to be for girls.  Apparently boys only like pastel blue, brown, and red because those are the predominant colors in boy bedding sets...oh and navy blue.  Blech!  I love bright colors!

SIL had several games setup on the main floor of her house as well as a table full of appetizers to tide guest over.  She had diapers full of melted chocolate which were revolting looking.  She had baby food jars without the labels so we could guess what kind of baby food it was.  Then, she had a baby BINGO where you guessed what I would receive as a gift and as I opened them they crossed them out until they had a BINGO.  The games list went on and on, but they were all fun and not the kind of games that are all like.  LOOK AT ME!  WE'RE PLAYING A GAME!  There were plenty of games. but they were unobstrusive.

Games and my presents (pack and play) from SIL and MIL!
After that we got herded downstairs and I got to open presents!  Yay!  Presents for the baby!  There were so many was overwhelming.   Halfway through opening the presents I was done.  If someone had told me a few months ago that I would get tired sitting in a lazy boy and opening presents I would have laughed at them.  I love presents so I love opening them = not a chore.  Apparently when you're pregnant and in your 3rd trimester, ripping prettty, sparkling paper out of gift bags and off of boxes is really hard work.  Who would have guessed?

This picture doesn't do justice to how pretty everything was downstairs!

Dre and I got tons of stuff for the baby and tons of gift cards for Baby R Us so we can go get the stuff we're missing.  We were truly blessed by our friends and families!

After presents, SIL rolled out the food.  There was soooooo much food and it was soooo good!  She even made the shower cake from scratch and decorated it herself.  Isn't it cute?  Yah, cutting into a cake that looks like a baby is a little creepy at first, but it was so good that we got over that one rather quickly.

Baby Cake.  It was so yummy!

This was the most creative fruit salad I've ever seen.
Overall, I think that everyone had an amazing time.  I had a great time even though I was exhausted by the end.  When we got home, I just sat surrounded by all the gifts and organized everything from the couch. 

It was the perfect shower!  I couldn't have asked for more.

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