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Friday, November 4, 2011

Keeping your Shopping Cart can be a Full Time Job and Why I Lurve Pens

Yesterday, I went to Costco with my SIL.  I love Costco because it is awesome and they always have new stuff on their shelves.  They’ve started stocking their Christmas stuff and Christmas gift ideas.  So there are about 200 different television series on DVD or Blu-Ray over there and about 100 different books that I wish I could have bought.  The problem is that I only read books once so if I buy them then they spend a long time on my shelves doing nothing.  

If you’ve ever been to Costco, you know how massively huge the shopping carts are there.  It’s like driving a tank down the different aisles.  The aisles around the store are wide so that’s not really a problem, but the aisles in the middle of the store are tiny and packed with annoying people who just randomly stop everywhere.  So trying to ram your cart through the clothing or DVD aisles to see if there’s anything you want is not fun.  

When we started shopping there, SIL and I noticed this and decided that we’d just abandon our carts at the end of an aisle and go wander around the middle.  Then we come back and retrieve our carts and go on our merry way without having tried to kill anyone with a shopping cart.  Anyways, I don’t look good in plaid jail pajamas.  So the point is that yesterday, we left our carts and went to wander.  As we’re making our way back to the carts, 2 sales ladies are discussing our carts and all the food we have in there.  They think they’ve been abandoned and that they should return the food to the freezers.  Pregnancy hormones appeared and I told them to keep away from my cart.  I mean I picked up all this stuff there’s no way in hell that I want to go around the store again and do it all over a second time.  I was a feeling a little testy because this random dude tried to steal our carts in the food court earlier.   Don’t mess with the pregnant lady’s cart full of food unless you want to be seriously injured!

It was a rather eventful evening last night.

Question of the day

When writing do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I’ve always loved pens.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve hoarded pens.  If you go through the drawers at my house, you’ll find hundreds of different pens and I love them all.  I can never have too many pens.  The pen aisles at the office supply stores are so awesome.

I especially love gel ink pens.  When gel pens came out in my early teen years, I thought they were the coolest things ever.  I mean you can write on black paper with them…hello…so cool!  Now I hunt for those pens that write like gel pens in more professional colors.  Blue and black are so boring sometimes, but the corporate clients might be shocked if I started signing the contracts and expenses in hot pink or neon green. 

When I was in university, I used a different colored pen for every class.  If I forgot that pen for some reason, I would get back to my place and re-write my class notes in the proper color of ink.  Yah, OCD much? 

So I love writing with pens, but I most often write on a computer.  Why?  It’s easy and fast.  I don’t have the time to write something on paper and then type it up on a computer.  It’s much easier to just type what I want to say on a computer screen and revise it as I go along.  I still love writing, but writing on paper takes much longer than typing those words.  Even though my preferred method to write is now a computer, I will never stop collecting and keeping every single pen I find.  They’re magical!

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