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Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 26

Week 26.  Time flies!

Halloween was last Monday.  I thought that Dre and I could have a nice meal and then give out some candy to the cute kiddies while eating my weight in chocolate.


The hordes of children descended on our house.  By 6:45 Dre and I, started giving out 3 pieces of candy instead of 5 because there were so many kids.  By 7pm, I was contemplating dashing to the store to get some more candy, but I’d have to dodge the hordes of crazy, sugar rushed kiddies to get there.  By 7:45pm, we got our last trick or treater and we were down to about 10 little chocolate bars.  It was a harrowing experience!  Last year, I stocked enough candy to feed a small army.  I had enough candy for 200+ kids and we barely had 25 ring our door bell.  When it was time to stock up on candy this year, I only bought 3 bags of candy thinking I’d have plenty.  That was our Halloween horror tale this year.  Next year, I’m stocking up on candy so that I don’t have to give my favourite chocolate bars to the kids.

Today, I’ve been searching through Etsy trying to find cute decals of monkeys in trees.  There are so many, but a lot of them are really girly because the tree has flowers in it even if the flowers are blue.  So annoying!  Also, they’re freaking expensive.  I’m talking $165 for a full size tree decal with leaves and some monkeys.  Did they make the damn thing out of gold or something?  I have to go check one of our local stores that carries artsy stuff to see if they have some decals I can use; otherwise, I’ll be spending a fortune on cutsie wall decals.  It’ll totally be worth it though.

Week 25

Week 26

I spent all week at the same exact weight.  170 lbs.  I gained 2 lbs between last Saturday and Sunday and stayed there all week.  It’s the first week that this has happened.  This week my average weight is 169.9 lbs.  That’s a 2 lbs gain for this week making my total weight gain for this pregnancy 16.9 lbs at 26 weeks!  I think I’m on track to gain 30 lbs this pregnancy.  I still think that pictures make me look like a blimp.  Every time I see one that Dre insists on taking of me I go, “Who the hell is making me look so bloated?  OMG!  I look like that.”  I must a reverse anorexic or something.  You know when an anorexic person looks in the mirror and all we see are toothpick bones and they stand there pinching imaginary rolls of fat.  Well, I’m the opposite.  I stand there and think, “170 pounds really doesn’t look that bad on me.  Yes, there’s my stupid double chin making an appearance, but it’s not as prominent as I would have thought.  I look pretty skinny for a pregnant girl.”  So, I’ll keep choosing to see myself as this skinny, pregnant girl because it’s better for my self-esteem. 

This is what Dre tell me yesterday, “I love the baby.  I love the wifey.  Together you’re all one big package.”  While kissing my stomach then gesturing towards me.  Good thing that comments like that don’t give me a complex or anything.  Funny husband!

Dre came home the other day and told me that one of his co-workers told him not to skip the maternity pictures because I’d regret it later on.  The problem with those is that right now I’m living in denial land and refuse to look at pictures of myself.  Also, since my wedding photographer decided that selling houses was a much better career than creating magic with Photoshop, I’d have to hunt for a new photographer for these.  Blah!  It only took me 2 months, hundreds of websites, and 4 appointments to find this photographer.  I’m not sure I can do it again for maternity/baby pictures.  I guess I should add this to my list of things to do/find.

The heartburn is behaving most of the time.  Of course, the only time it acts up now is when my Zantac prescription is not accessible.  I need to start carrying that stuff in my purse.  I did have peanut butter this week and it was heavenly.  So good!  Dre had to steal the jar away from me so I didn’t eat it all.  He even took a picture of me eating from the jar and giving him the side-eye.  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious.

No BH this week, but with so many girls from my Feb. 2012 mom group on The Bump and FB group being admitted to the L&D because of contractions, pre-term labour, or other symptoms it makes me extra paranoid about every little thing now.  I’m also winning the war against stretch marks for now.  I still have the one lonely one on my boob and it’s going to stay that way. 

According to a lot of online articles, I’m not actually suffering from sciatic nerve pain but an unstable pelvis or something like that.  I think I’m actually suffering from both.  I’ve had sciatic nerve pain my whole life and that fun stuff has suddenly reappeared in my life along with the new pain in my bum when I walk a lot (as in more than the 10 feet required to get my Ben & Jerry’s).  I think the new pain might be this pelvis thing.  

I’m really looking forward to having Friday off this week.  It’s Remembrance Day (Veterans Day for the US) and since I work for the Federal Government that is a Federal holiday!  Yeah!  The only downside is that since that’s the last day of my 26th week I have to go do my stupid gestational diabetes test.  Ugh!  I’m so not excited about that.  Doctor told me to do it between Week 24-26.  I like to leave thing till the last minute.

Baby is the size of an eggplant or a cucumber depending on which website/book you read.  He’s getting pretty big.  I can tell because his movements and karate kicks are getting much stronger.  Also, he still definitely loves to bounce up and down on my bladder.

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